Month: January 2017

  • Letters to Share January-February 2017

    Letters to Share January-February 2017 Dear Quaker Earthcare Witness, I see that the Indian Affairs minute from New York Yearly meeting is attached [in the November-December edition of BeFriending Creation]. There are many things I like about this minute, but when I brought it to my meeting in Seattle it…

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  • What is up for QEW in 2017

    By Shelley Tanenbaum, QEW General Secretary QEW PLANS AND PROJECTS are well underway or about to be launched as we face rapidly changing earthcare politics and policies in 2017. We are excited about this upcoming work and at the same time remain committed to responding accordingly to events as they…

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  • Thank you, Katherine

    Stan Becker, Clerk, and Roy Taylor, Alternate Clerk Katherine Murray has been our publications coordinator for the past four years. She is leaving our employment to move onto another path in her life. She has done an excellent job with Befriending Creation, providing Friends and Friends’ Meetings a vibrant place…

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  • Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

    Solar Soars as Costs Plummet

    By Shelley Tanenbaum. AMIDST THE 2016 END-OF-YEAR bad news all around, you might have missed this: utility-scale solar is now the least expensive way to install new sources of electricity. Onshore wind is a close second. Currently, solar and wind are at just about the same capital cost for installation,…

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  • Group of people listening to talk

    A Field Secretary for Earthcare

    By Brad Stocker, Miami Friends Meeting. FOUR YEARS AGO, the Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) Earthcare Committee (EcC) brought forth a Minute on Climate Change that was approved the 14th day of the fourth month, 2014, which reads in part: “We, the Friends of Southeastern Yearly Meeting, bring this minute forward…

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  • QEW’s New Publications Coordinator

    Hayley Hathaway My name is Hayley Hathaway and I am QEW’s new publications coordinator. Katherine Murray and I have been working together during the transition and I am grateful for her help. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me into the QEW community. As I write I am enjoying a…

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  • Book Review: “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate”

    By Tom Small. PETER WOHLLEBEN TELLS THE STORY of a professional forester’s awakening from calculations of board feet to realization of a forest as an intelligent, feeling community. Sharing information and resources through what Wohlleben calls the “wood wide web,” the forest community cooperates so as to ensure that “each…

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  • Photo of Berta Caceres

    Bringing Light to the Dark: Environmental Violence

    By Brad Stocker, Miami Friends Meeting. ONE OF THE MORE POIGNANT things to have affected my earthcare work was 2016’s QEW table and display, which had a darker element than in the past as it focused attention on those who have been killed for their involvement in environmental justice. We…

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  • Two people backlit by pink sunset sitting in chairs under a tree

    Talking about Climate Change: A Practical Guide

    This article is part of our Pamphlets for Sharing series produced by QEW’s Publications Committee. Download the PDF here or order print copies by emailing The way we communicate our message is critical so that the vast majority of people not only grasp what we are trying…

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  • Image of two conversation buttons like the yin-yang symbol

    Talking about Climate Change: A Call for Dialog

    “It is good for thee to dwell deep that thou mayest feel and understand the spirits of people.” —John Woolman (1) “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt,
 that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” —Colossians 4:62 (2) “Whoever says Thou does not…

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  • Three people in black and white: A woman, a man with glasses, and a child.

    Adoption: An Option for Friends

    This article was created by QEW’s Population Working Group and is part of our “Pamphlets for Sharing” series, essays on important topics researched, written, and edited using Quaker discernment and decision-making. We hope you use them as an educational tool with your community.   Download the PDF here or order…

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