Month: July 2017

  • Talking About Climate Change: Two New Guides

    QEW has two new pamphlets on climate change: “Talking About Climate Change: A Practical Guide” and a companion pamphlet, “Climate Change: A Call for Dialog.” Please read and share!…

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  • Clean Jobs Act Protest

    Organizing for Community and Climate

    By Jaime DeMarco. I RECENTLY HELPED CO-FOUND the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative, a new non-profit working to pass legislation in Maryland that will do three things. It will expand renewable electricity in Maryland to 50% by 2030, invest in renewable energy companies owned by women and people…

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  • Who to Be While You Are Waiting for Your Earthcare Leading

    Mary Jo Klingel RECENTLY I WROTE A LITTLE ARTICLE with the title “What To Do While You are Waiting for Your Earthcare Leading”.  Thanks to all of you who read it.  However, I realized that I missed a big part of the story. Of course I did.  As a part…

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  • Climate Pilgrimage

    Rooted in Reverence: Reflections on the Climate Pilgrimage

    By Honor Woodrow. I AM WRITING TO SHARE a reflection on my experience of the recent Climate Pilgrimage, where Friends from New England and fellow travelers spent six days walking the 60 miles from the Schiller Station (which burns both coal and wood) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to the Merrimack…

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  • Food Sovereignty for Marginalized Populations in the African Diaspora

    Food Sovereignty for Marginalized Populations in the African Diaspora By Beverly G. Ward and Pamela Boyce Simms QEW HAS BEEN a non-governmental organization of the United Nations (UN) since 1999, holding four UN agency accreditations with the mission of bringing a spirit-led Quaker voice to UN deliberations on the environment.

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