Online Meeting for Worship for Climate Action

Quaker Earthcare Witness will be hosting an online meeting for worship as Friends in the Philadelphia area gather to worship outside the home of the CEO of Vanguard, Tim Buckley. We are offering this online worship in solidarity with Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), who is organizing the on-the-ground meeting for worship as part of […]

Fall 2022 Steering Committee

Join Quaker Earthcare Witness' Fall 2022 Steering Committee Meeting. QEW gathers twice a year to conduct business and enjoy fellowship with each other. Our fall 2022 meeting will be held online using the video conferencing platform Zoom. All Steering Committee members are encouraged to attend and we welcome visitors for any or all of our […]

QEW Bioneers – For the Love of Earth: QEW talks on Eco-spirituality, Environmental Justice, Biodiversity, Population, and What does it all mean for Us.

Join us for a special part of QEW's Steering Committee, where we sample 5 different Earthcare topics facilitated by our talented Steering Committee members. Each of these speakers is available to come to your Meeting/Church (via Zoom). You can attend all 5, or pick and choose according to your interests and time. Saturday, October 22nd […]

Ecological Grief: Engaging with the Emotional Impacts of Climate Change

Ecological grief is all around us, whether we recognize it or not, we all carry it with us. Buddhist writer Joanna Macy writes, “Feeling pain for the world is as natural to us as the food and air we draw upon to fashion who we are. That pain is the price of consciousness in a […]

Financial and Economic Roots of the Climate Emergency with Pamela Haines

Photo by Kathy Barnhart: Near Lake Tahoe, CA. The dynamics and priorities of our economy are a key driver of the climate emergency, and the economy is now driven to a significant extent by the financial sector. You don’t have to be an economist to explore these connections and identify key issues and areas of […]

Worship Sharing with Quaker Earthcare Witness and Friends General Conference


Quaker Earthcare Witness is hosting monthly online worship sharing groups in partnership with Friends General Conference. In worship sharing, we gather in small groups to focus on a particular question (or questions) to explore our own experience and share with each other more deeply than we would in normal conversation. It seeks to draw us […]