IIlinois Yearly Meeting

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Minute on the Condition of Human Population and the Earth

(approved August 2, 1997)

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Today, we are confronted with interacting problems unique in their magnitude. Among the major problems are increasing numbers of people, excessive use of resources, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and the growing disparity between rich and poor. All of these contribute to social and economic tensions at home and abroad.

We recognize that education and understanding are the foundation for improving lives and empowering women and men around the world. We encourage our governments at every level as well as private groups, to make family planning accessible to all.

As Friends we recognize that we are part of these problems, and therefore we need to contribute to their solutions. On a personal basis, we seek a leading regarding the number of children to have and raise. This includes alternative ways of parenting, including adoption. We also strive to live lives of simplicity and responsibility in our own use of resources. We search for solutions to these problems based on love and spiritual care for humans, all other creatures, and the earth itself. As a community of faith, we seek to honor, protect, and nurture all of God’s creation.