Do you want to host a workshop on climate change, environmental justice, Quaker faith-in-action, eco-theology, native plants, permaculture, or another environmental issue?

Quaker Earthcare Witness staff, Steering Committee Members and Friends offer online workshops for your Friends meeting, church, or community. See the list of our current offerings below. We also host online workshops and events for individuals. Scroll down to our “Upcoming Events” section to see what’s coming up.

QEW Presents! Workshops for Your Community

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a workshop?

Email to share which workshop(s) you’re interested in and propose a few dates and times that work for your group. We’ll connect you with the workshop leader and set up the registration once you’ve agreed upon the specifics.

Is there a cost for these programs?

We offer these workshops as a service to help Friends strengthen their Earthcare work. We welcome donations. Past donations for QEW Presents! workshops have ranged from $150 to $300. You can make a donation by sending a check to Quaker Earthcare Witness, P.O. Box 6787 Albany, CA 94706 or online.

Is it possible to schedule several different programs throughout the year?

We welcome invitations to come back to your community. Zoom makes this easy.

Do you ask for a minimum number of participants?

We don’t have a minimum, but if you have a small group (15 or less) you could reach out to your neighbor meetings or churches and invite them to join.

How do we set up the workshop?

We like to set up a registration process for the workshop and use your group’s Zoom link. We ask you to share the registration form with your community and have everyone sign up. This helps us know how many people to expect at each workshop and makes it easy to follow up afterward.

What if our group is looking for a workshop on a topic not listed above?

Have an idea for a workshop or don’t see a topic covered here that you would like to know more about? Send an email to

Would you come in person?

We’d love to come in person, though the logistics are often complicated and costly. QEW staff often visit larger Quaker gatherings, like yearly meetings, and are grateful when QEW community members suggest a speaker or a workshop from our organization to the planning committees.

How can our meeting/church support QEW so that these offerings can be widely available?

Please consider making an annual donation from your meeting/church. Fully one third of our support comes from Quaker organizations such as monthly and yearly meetings. Together, we can do this good work.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Faithfulness Groups for those called to Earthcare

    Marcelle Martin and Mary Ann Percy will introduce Faithfulness Groups as an ongoing small group practice to support Friends (and others) in their work, ministry, and leadings around Earthcare, environmental witness, environmental justice, ecological grief, education about climate change, and building resilient communities.

    If you are interested in learning about these small groups, including their format, and how they can support you and others led by the Spirit in this work, join us for an introduction on June 7, 7:30 – 9 pm (Eastern Time).

    Those who participate in this evening event and wish to learn more, and/or find others to join in an ongoing group will have the opportunity to sign up for a 3-hour workshop that will be held on June 10 (1-4 pm Eastern/10 am to 1 pm Pacific).

    For more information about faithfulness groups, including links to videos on the subject, visit Marcelle's website,


  • Fifty Acres and Fool: The Ploughshares Farm Story

    In 2002, Brent and Nancy Bill acquired fifty acres of her father's farmland to build a house across the road from him. Brent will share how and why this land was transformed into a wildlife habitat and protected forest and how he was transformed as well.

    J. Brent Bill is a Quaker minister, photographer, retreat leader, and writer. He lives on Ploughshares Farm, which is fifty acres of former farm land which was been removed from production agriculture and planted with prairies and native hardwood forests. His website is

    Register here

  • June Worship Sharing with Quaker Earthcare Witness

    Quaker Earthcare Witness is hosting monthly online worship sharing groups.

    In worship sharing, we gather in small groups to focus on a particular question (or questions) to explore our own experience and share with each other more deeply than we would in normal conversation. It seeks to draw us into sacred space, where we can take down our usual defenses, and encounter each other in “that which is eternal.” We welcome all to join us!

    Together we are creating more opportunities for Friends who care deeply about the Earth and each other to be in spiritual community with one another. We hope you can join us.


    Photo by Kathy Barnhart