Bringing Friends Together to Care for Earth

    Upcoming Events

    • July Worship Sharing with Quaker Earthcare Witness and Friends General Conference

      Quaker Earthcare Witness is hosting monthly online worship sharing groups in partnership with Friends General Conference.

      Together we are creating more opportunities for Friends to be in spiritual community with one another.

      Register here.

    • Save the Date: Fall 2021 Steering Committee Meeting

      Join QEW for our Fall 2021 Steering Committee Meeting. We will gather virtually using the video conferencing platform Zoom to conduct business and enjoy fellowship with each other. All Steering Committee members are encouraged to attend and we welcome visitors for any or all of our sessions.

      We are asking for an optional $75 registration fee to cover our administrative costs – but please pay as led.

      Registration will open closer to the date.

    Apply for a Mini Grant

    Quaker Earthcare Witness offers encourages and supports Friends groups, meetings, and organizations that are looking for ways to enhance their practical and spiritual relationship with Earth. We offer $500 matching grants to help Friends complete eco-friendly projects. Submit your application for a mini-grant any time of the year.

    Support our Work

    We’re the primary Quaker voice addressing the issues of climate change and the environment. Please consider helping to build a robust, creative, impactful network of Friends taking action to care for each other and the planet—and make a donation today.