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    • QEW Presentations at Friends General Conference Gathering

      Join Quaker Earthcare Witness at the virtual Friends General Conference (FGC) Gathering for a week of afternoon presentations. To register, please visit FGC's website.

      All presentations via Zoom, 5-6:30 pm Eastern

      QEW Staff will be present at each event to help with technical issues and to do a brief introduction about QEW.

      Monday, July 4 – Where Eco-Spirituality Meets Eco-Justice: Hayley Hathaway. 
Let’s talk about ecospirituality and what it means in these pandemic times of climate crisis, economic inequality, threatened democracy, and structural racism. How do we live in right relationship with each other and the Living world? How could our work for justice be impacted by an increasing sense of our own sacred nature? We will explore spiritual guidance from nature and how this leads to environmental justice.

      Tuesday, July 5 – Building the Heart Muscle to Take on Threats to Earth: Pamela Haines. To build our muscles as climate justice activists, we will identify stretches involving listening and connecting, engaging in conflict and repair, listening for and speaking truth, facing grief, and cultivating hope and courage.

      Wednesday, July 6 - Living in Right Relationship with the Living World: Mary Ann Percy. Using Quaker contemplative practices and exercises from The Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy, root teacher), we will begin to deepen intimacy with all beings, and to understand how our Testimonies of Unity, Equality, Integrity, Community, Simplicity, and Peace direct us toward harmonious and reciprocal relationships which respect the inherent integrity of the Earth community.  How might our lives change if we were to apply our Quaker Testimonies to the entire Living World rather than only to our relations with human beings?!

      Thursday, July 7 – A Climate Action Plan for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting: Ruth Darlington and Patricia Finley. How are Philadelphia Friends taking action on climate change, how can a yearly meeting and monthly meeting mutually support climate actions, and what can you take back to your yearly/monthly meeting? (5-6pm Eastern)

      Friday, July 8 – Climate Change, What Does Human Population Growth Have to Do with It?: Stan Becker and Richard Grossman. The world population grew from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 8 billion in 2022 and we’re adding about 200,000 persons per day. To be sustainable on this planet we must reduce both our individual impact and our numbers. With presentation, queries and worship-sharing we will probe these concerns.

    • Naturally Beyond Boundaries with Cai Quirk

      Society tries to force humans and the natural world into categories and boxes, but nature holds onto stories even when humans forget and erase. As a part of the natural world, humans also naturally expand beyond binaries. Through stories, photos, and poems from 'Transcendence’ and ‘Beyond Pink and Blue’ Cai Quirk will bridge gaps in societal beliefs in binaries, in gender as well as in humans' supposed separation from the natural world.

      Bio: Cai Quirk is a genderqueer/fluid multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on the intersection of gender diversity throughout history, its erasure, and contemporary reclamation and restoryation. Their upcoming book, ‘Transcendence,’ connects gender, mythology, and nature-based spirituality through photos and stories. They received bachelor’s degrees in music and photography from Indiana University.

    • Ecological Grief: Engaging with the Emotional Impacts of Climate Change

       Climate warming stripes from: Show Your Stripes

      with Gayle Matson & Hayley Hathaway

      Ecological grief is all around us, whether we recognize it or not, we all carry it with us. Buddhist writer Joanna Macy writes, “Feeling pain for the world is as natural to us as the food and air we draw upon to fashion who we are. That pain is the price of consciousness in a threatened and suffering world. It is not only natural, it is an absolutely necessary component of our collective healing. The problem, therefore, lies not with our pain for the world, but in our repression of it.”

      This 90 minute experiential workshop is an introduction to the phenomenon of ecological-grief—what it is, how to engage with it, and why it's important. We’ll explore those tender places in our own hearts where ecological grief dwells and offer them sacred attention.

      Engaging in the grief process in a spiritual community supports resiliency and helps us be more deeply attuned to the actions we are called to take.

      Gayle Matson is a member of Chico (CA) Friends Meeting and co-clerk of the Pacific Yearly Meeting Unity with Nature Committee. A former clinical social worker and psychotherapist, she became interested in the phenomenon of ecological grief after moving to Chico in 2018—two months before the Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history.  Since then, she has focused on the emotional impacts of climate change and has co-facilitated eco-grief groups for a faith-based climate action organization.

      Hayley Hathaway is Quaker Earthcare Witness' Communications Coordinator. She is passionate about the relationships between ecology and faith. She worships with Friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is active on local climate campaigns. Hayley is the former director of Casa de los Amigos, the historic Quaker center for peace and international understanding in Mexico City.

      Register here.


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