Web of Care for the Earth

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Spiderweb with black background

Dear Friends,

As our beloved outgoing clerk, Mary Jo Klingel, writes: “If the past two years of virtual meetings, workshops, and worship sharings have taught QEW Friends anything, it is how very precious our Earthcare community is.” She continues:

Those who work every day for QEW,
those who hold one another in the Light,
donate to the organization,
and serve as volunteers—

weave a web of care for the Earth
that is strong and growing stronger every year.

Every one of us is a piece of the web.
Every one of us is a source of the Light.
Together we care for Earth
and all life on Earth.

Thank you so much for being part of the QEW web for our Earth. We are grateful for your involvement and generosity this year.

Please enjoy this video highlighting some of our favorite weekly messages that we share on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have waited to give this year, now is the time. And again, thanks to all who shared their Light in 2021.

Together in the Light,

Quaker Earthcare Witness Staff
Shelley Tanenbaum, Hayley Hathaway & Emily Carroll