A Simple Freedom or Was it Just a Dream?

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QEW Poetry and Prayer

By Avotcja Jiltonilro

Once upon a time when the world was green
When this Earth was heaven
The trees used to sing to us & we sang their praises
Danced in honor of their beauty
And reveled in the millions of gifts they gave us
Life was a simple, but complicated symphony
When lovesick Leaves sang & romanced hungry Wind Spirits
And Clouds pregnant with the promise of tomorrow
Kept us drunk on the sweet wine of her Rains
Then came the invasion
Wood-eating devils that make termites look like angels
The Lakes, the Streams, the green…all gone
Forests of dreams destroyed
The simple beauty of millions of yesterdays eaten by greed
And lifelessly regurgitated into the ravaged soil
As echoes of green cry in the shadow of what once was
Tree Spirits hidden behind ancestral tombstones
Their seedless offspring roam thirsty Deserts
Beside invisible uprooted generations
Trying to remember days when Nature reigned
And all Her green gave the world Oxygen to breathe
And got the World drunk on the fruit of their love
Days when trees romanced the clouds
And Rain was the Wine of heaven
Now their ghosts silently scream
Wide awake nightmares
Restless Spirits hidden in the sands of a long ago time
A time
Before “they” came
Like an atonal swarm of hungry Locusts
Suicidal wood-eating demons that looked like angels
But took joy in the devastation of uprooted generations
In the destruction of
Sacred medicinal Flowers that once perfumed the Air
And now
The Lakes, the Streams, the green…all gone
In their place grow tearful memories
Crying echoes
Dancing in the weeds with Hurricanes & Earthquakes
Shades of days when this Earth was heaven
When happiness was
Being able to safely lie in the grass & just breathe
And be serenaded by a chorus of singing Frogs & Birds
It was a simple priceless freedom, or
Was it just a dream?
Once upon a time when the world was green

Avotcja Jiltonilro is a poet/playwright/multi-percussionist/photographer/teacher and member of Strawberry Creek Meeting. Visit <avotcja.org>