Are you the next QEW publications coordinator?

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By Katherine Murray

A note from Katherine: After four great years as the QEW Publications Coordinator, I am sad to say that I’ve felt led to resign my position. As many of you know, in addition to my half-time role at QEW, I am also a hospice chaplain, and I have found it increasingly difficult to travel to be with you all at QEW meetings and the FGC Gathering.

I do have a clear heart that this is the right thing to do and feel excited for the new person and new talents that will be drawn to QEW. I feel the organization is poised for growth and we have been faithfully spreading the work and sharing what we do.

I wish you all peace and joy, and truly appreciate the kindness and friendship you have shown me these last several years. Now…on to the job description. Please share as you feel so led!


September 2016
The work of the Publications Coordinator is overseen by the Publications Committee and the General Secretary (GS). This is a part-time (20 hours per week) position, salary available on request. Send resume and writing sample(s) to before October 15, 2016.
The duties of the Publications Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following:
1) Handle correspondence relating to content and editing of publications
2) Edit, handle layout and graphic design, prepare for web, print and electronic publication, and oversee distribution of publications.
a.  Edit BeFriending Creation and oversee its timely publication and delivery – in print and electronic format six times per year.
Procure and edit articles
Write articles as necessary
Handle layout and graphic design
Handle quality printing and timely delivery.
b.  Write and edit a monthly electronic newsletter that announces the most current work that QEW is doing. Every other month this will be the announcement for the latest e-version of Befriending Creation. It may include information on emerging insights into spiritual relationship with Earth, the latest mini-grants, have greening tips for individuals and monthly meetings (MMs), how QEW is using its accreditations at the UN and working with wider Quaker organizations, and information on what MMs are doing to help QEW and the earth.
c. Update the website on a weekly basis and as requested by the Publications Committee and the GS.
d. Provide a timely presence on Facebook and Twitter, or other social media, including but not limited to a weekly graphic posting on FB.
e. Assist as available to edit, develop, or layout QEW materials in revision or update.
3)  Work with Publications Committee as it develops a communications plan. Be aware of QEW’s priority discussions and what we are trying to do as well as tracking the discussion list-serve: present new ideas for our newsletter, publications, website and social media. This position requires someone who will encourage and participate in the discussion of new ideas and ways to get our message out. Seek and generate ideas and content for the website, electronic and print communications of QEW.
4)  Support the annual fundraising mailing – work with the GS to develop a letter and handle printing and mailing.
5)  Maintain an archive of electronic publications and an inventory of print publications and send them out when requested. Reprint pamphlets and flyers on demand as needed.
6)  Prepare annual budget for web page content maintenance, newsletter (Befriending Creation), pamphlets, books, flyers, supplies, and all other related expenses and submit to the Publications Committee at their spring meeting.
7) Track costs in relation to budget.
8) Attend Steering Committee meetings. The Steering Committee meets face to face twice a year, long weekends at various locations around the country, usually in the spring and fall.
9) Attend and participate in all Publications Committee meetings and email discussions. Publication Committee meetings occur during the face to face meetings, and by conference calls 2-3 times between the face to face meetings.
10) Consult with the clerk of the Publications Committee, the GS, and others on the Steering Committee as needed.
11) May be requested by the Publications Committee and/or the GS to travel to represent QEW.