Greetings on the Solstice!

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Mist and mountains
Solstice Sunrise Atop Mt.Diablo, California. Photo by Kathy Barnhart

I love this part of the winter holidays—when our sense of wonder and light corresponds to the natural pivot point of the solstice. Since June in the northern hemisphere, days have been getting shorter and shorter, with the shortest day today, on December 21. From this point on, days will be longer—at first, the extra daylight is barely perceptible; by spring each day is noticeably longer than the last.

Some years on Solstice morning, I have greeted the sun on the flanks of the tallest mountain in my area, Mt. Diablo, watching as the sun rises to shine on the mountain and brighten the sky. It is always cold, sometimes rainy or misty, always wonderful—full of wonder—to see the sun light up our world.

I want to share this poem with you today from Hafiz—I often use it in workshops that I give, and it never fails to inspire me.

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Hafiz poem: Even after all this
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Warm wishes on this cold, short day, and may it lead to brighter times,
Shelley Tanenbaum, General Secretary