Letters to Share, September-October 2016

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Letters to Share, September-October 2016

July 29, 2016
To Quaker Earthcare Witness

As a means of raising our and others’ awareness of the issue of global climate change, our meeting has created a voluntary carbon tax for those members wishing to participate. Adopting the idea from the Mt. Tobey, MA Monthly Meeting, participating members track their “carbon footprint” in terms of auto mileage, heating, cooling, and/or air travel. Each quarter they assess themselves a “tax” on that use and send it to the Meeting as a separate donation. The enclosed check for $298.95 is the result of the first quarter’s collection which the Meeting wished donated to Quaker Earthcare Witness as a Quaker organization addressing the global climate change issue. We will be publicizing this and future donations to other, similar organizations to raise awareness of this critical issue beyond our own Meeting.

Dick Ludders, Clerk
Weare, NH Monthly Meeting of Friends


Dear Friends, hello!

I am enthralled and delighted and so inspired by the content in Befriending Creation, so writing to you now is a small wave from south west Australia, in thanks for the work you and all at QEW do with the publications and communications and deep nourishment.

Our West Australian Regional Meeting a year ago took up the AYM Earthcare Committee baton, and we are about to send out our fourth “Earthcare Invitation,” following our presentation last month of an experiential introductory workshop at Yearly Meeting in Tasmania.

So, as I delve into the day’s activities, this missive sends my thanks and regard and warm wishes for your work. Your dedication and capacity shines through, received gratefully here.

In peace,

Elizabeth PO’
AYM Earthcare Committee
Fremantle Recognised Meeting, Western Australia