Many Thanks to Long-Time Supporters!

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Doris Ferm

Douglas Whyte

Some of you have been supporting Quaker Earthcare Witness for many, many years—possibly starting when we were called Friends Committee on Unity with Nature (FCUN). I marvel when I receive a donation to QEW and see a long history of support, both in financial donations and in spiritual guidance and committee work. QEW/FCUN is here today, doing important work on Earthcare and sharing information throughout North America about what Friends are doing, only because many of you have been part of this network for such a long time.

We want to acknowledge and thank the families of Doris Ferm and Douglas Whyte for the bequests that we received in the past year from these two generous donors and long-time QEW supporters. Their support, in the form of monthly/annual donations, guidance, and inspiration, were greatly appreciated over the years. Their bequests help us move forward with our work on climate change, environmental justice, and the right sharing of world resources.

If you are not already a monthly donor, please consider doing so. You can fill out, clip, and mail the coupon at the bottom of this page or click the Donate button on our QEW home page at to get started.

And—hopefully for a time far into the future—please consider making a bequest to Quaker Earthcare Witness to help carry on the long-term work of inspiring and educating others toward sustainable and care of our planet.