Quaker Earthcare Witness in 2022

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QEW Presents Speakers

This year, the effects of climate change and ecological collapse have been more than evident. Starting in June, torrential rains flooded Pakistan, with many areas still under water leaving tens of millions at risk. In September, Hurricane Fiona devastated Cuba and Puerto Rico (with Puerto Rico still recovering from Hurricane Maria 5 years ago), and Hurricane Ian overwhelmed Florida and much of the US southeast. Fires such as the Mosquito Fire in California burned vast areas at an intensity that is now “typical” for these times. These are just a few examples. “Intensity” seems to be the catchword of 2022.

QEW has been able to respond to the escalating climate and ecological disasters with more intensity, too. Thanks to generous donors and our team’s hard work, we are now able to offer significantly more programs and resources. Here are highlights from our work in 2022:

  • We regularly sponsor an online worship-sharing space to build community and deepen our faith and are currently partnering with Ben Lomond Quaker Center.
  • QEW offers mini-grants to Quaker meetings, churches, and other Quaker groups to support hands-on projects that foster Earthcare.
  • Over 220 people registered for Hayley Hathaway and Gayle Matson’s Ecological Grief workshop. They also launched a 10-week course on the topic.
    118 people joined a 3-part discussion series on the book, The Depth of Our Belonging: Mysticism, Physics and Healing by Mary Conrow Coelho.
  • Through our QEW Presents! program, we connect speakers to monthly and yearly meetings to offer talks on a wide variety of Earthcare concerns.
    QEW staff, volunteers, and allies were featured in Friends Journal’s May 2022 climate issue.
  • QEW participates in a monthly meeting of international Quaker organizations working on climate.
  • The Publications Committee updated key print resources, like Soil: Begin with the Beginning, Divestment as Lived Faith, Contemplative Action in the Time of Climate Change, and Eco-Justice.
  • We hosted presentations on eco-spirituality, environmental justice, activism, and population during the virtual Friends General Conference annual gathering.
  • We sent three observers to the COP26 in Glasgow, published articles about the UN climate summit, and sent four observers to COP27.
  • We joined the global campaign to divest from asset manager Vanguard in collaboration with Earth Quaker Action Team and UK Friends.
  • We were awarded a grant from the Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund for the Study and Practice of Christian Mysticism to develop resources on ecospirituality and ecojustice.
  • We continue our work to consider racial and environmental justice in all of our actions, including in our partnerships with other organizations and coalitions.

Read our 2022 annual report here.