REInvestment at Earlham College

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The Responsible Energy Investment (REInvestment) campaign at Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana, has been working with Earlham’s Socially Responsible Investments Advisory Committee (SRIAC) to develop a screening process for Earlham’s current investments in Coal. We are part of a coalition of over 250 colleges/universities working on fossil fuel divestment campaigns. We are specifically targetting Coal due to the incredible harm caused by Mountain-Top Removal, the burning of Coal, and the place Coal holds as the main energy provided in our lovely state of Indiana.

Our Quaker roots and ideologies distinguish Earlham College from most Liberal Arts institutions. These Quaker philosophies influence the daily functioning of the College through our Principles & Practices which dictate how decisions are made in our community. As part of the Earlham College community, the REInvestment campaign acknowledges and incorporates the Principles & Practices and Quaker traditions into our mission on campus.

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