Reporting from the WCC in Busan

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By Anne Mitchell
Anne Mitchell at WCC

In late October, Anne Mitchell travelled to participate in the World Council of Churches (WCC) 10th International Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea. Here is a brief summary of her trip. You can read Anne’s full report, including recommendations relevant for QEW specifically, on our website, at

Over 3000 people attended this Assembly in the second largest city in the Republic of Korea. The Assembly was held in the Busan Convention Centre and we were accommodated in hotels in the surrounding area. I was in the SeaCloud Hotel where my room overlooked the China Sea—a couple of minutes’ walk away. More than 500 of us were delegates from about 300 different denominations. I was representing the CYM of the Religious Society of Friends. Two other Friends were also delegates, from FGC and FUM. Several other Quakers participated, representing FGC, FWCC, Australian Quakers, and other interdenominational groupings.

The Assembly began with a moving creative musical portrayal of the history of the Korean people. They continue to struggle for a united Korea. There were many learning opportunities to find out more about social justice issues around the world. There were plenaries on different themes: opportunities for ecumenical and interfaith discussions, Bible studies, opportunities for worship, opportunities to meet in regions, and opportunities for the Quakers to meet with the participants from the other traditional peace churches, as well as business meetings.

Six of us journeyed to Seoul to spend time and worship with the Seoul Quakers. This was a rich experience with sightseeing, meals together, worship, and the sharing of our stories.