Stewardship of QEW

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Your year-end gifts matter a great deal! Please donate here, and thank you! DONATE

We QEW Friends are becoming better environmental and eco-justice stewards. In 2015, our projects and activities supported fossil fuel divestment, promoted native landscaping, worked toward the Paris climate agreement, financed local sustainability projects, and emboldened all of us with inspiring stories from the frontlines.

This year (2016) we have supported youth and young adults working on climate justice; strengthened our connections within the Society of Friends; and allied with several like-minded groups such as WEcan (Women’s Climate Action Network), UScan (United States Climate Action Network), Greenfaith, the World Social Forum, and the New Economy Coalition. We have also initiated a long-overdue and much-requested revision of our Earthcare curricula.

As we near the end of our fiscal year (October 31), we are coming up short with fiscal stewardship for our own organization. For the past few years, we have not been able to meet our budget—each year we have borrowed a small amount from our back-up (meager) savings. This is not sustainable!

Donations are the main source of our funding: it takes all of us to keep us solvent. Please consider making an online donation from our website or sending a check (see coupon in this issue) before the end of October, so that we can meet our budget this year. Please encourage your monthly and yearly Meetings to support QEW financially, if they don’t already. Please consider increasing your usual donation or becoming a monthly donor.

Thank you!