Thanks, Anne!

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Roy Taylor and the Publications Committee

When we were all together in Chicago in October, we had a chance to thank Anne Mitchell, our General Secretary, for her time with us. Anne joined us three years ago at a time of transition for this organization. She was able to make several great contributions to QEW during her tenure.

To help us organize, Anne developed a set of priorities for us to be following. This started a process we are still continuing, as we strive to be
more focused and to coordinate better within the separate moving parts
of QEW’s larger group.

Anne also has been wonderful at making broader connections with other Quaker organizations and opening the way for collaborations that will further our work for Earth. These relationships include the two QUNO’s, AFSC, FWCC, CFSC, and Britain Yearly Meeting.

Quaker Earthcare Witness will continue to benefit from both this change in process and the relationship building that Anne has started for us. Her gifts have been a blessing. And we look forward to her continuing relationship with us in other capacities as her interests and leadings dictate. Anne, we wish you all the best!