Welcome to QEW’s Earthcare Center!

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Shelley Tanenbaum

QEW Friends are invited to visit our Earthcare Center at Friends General Conference this summer, July 1-5, 2013. We are planning an interesting range of presentations every afternoon (except Wednesday, the FGC day of rest, when we’ll show films). You’ll find a schedule posted on our website when the presentation list is finalized, and at the Gathering you’ll be able to get a schedule at the FGC information table.

Earth Center presentations feature Friends from across North America who are working in various ways to deepen our connections with the natural world. Each presentation will include time for questions and discussion. Come and meet Friends who are on the front lines doing direction action (EQAT), working with indigenous cultures (Boulder Friends), developing environmental and economic policies based on Quaker values (QIF), empowering young Friends (Pendle Hill YAF conferences), deepening our eco-spirituality (QEW), and teaching about solar power, permaculture, and sustainable agriculture.

On Wednesday, the FGC day of rest, we open our Earthcare Center to show inspiring films about nature, enjoy locavore snacks, and have a place to connect with Friends.

As a special project this year, we will also be hosting a series of morning sessions on “Gathering for Deeper Relationship with Earth.” Our ad-hoc committee on Friends Centering on Unity with Nature and our Spiritual Nurturance committee have prepared a series of worship-sharing sessions designed to help us explore and grow in our relationship with the natural world (see the box below for details). These sessions are open to all QEW Friends, and you can contact eric joy and Roy Taylor to find out more.

In addition to the afternoon presentations and the morning sessions, we also have a display room with information about environmental concerns and our work with Quaker Earthcare Witness. The display room will be open every afternoon from 1:30 – 5:00 pm. Come to learn what we have to offer and to meet fellow Friends who share your interests, leadings, and concerns. You’ll meet a number of QEW Friends at the Earth Center, and we look forward to being with you!

To learn more about “Gathering for Deeper Relationship with Earth” at FGC, please click here to view the event announcement. You can also read and download a description of the gathering in PDF format.