What to Do While You Wait for Your Earthcare Leading

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Mary Jo Klingel

ON THE DAY that my new meeting found out that I am a member of Quaker Earthcare Witness, one of the men from the meeting approached me to talk. He asked about QEW. Soon he began to speak about his own feelings and his fears for his three young children and their future. He said he just does not know what to do.

I have heard that heartfelt cry so often from Friends. I think we miss how much we can all do while we are waiting for our big work, our leading for the earth. Here are some suggestions for what to do right now.

First, start where you are.

The Friend mentioned how busy he is, and with three young ones, of course he is. But one option might be thinking about how to “green your family.” Messages like, “Our family always recycles” are so important. Going out in nature and seeing this beautiful world with your kids instills messages that will last a lifetime. Grow tomatoes and cook with them. Touch trees. Hear bird songs. Do what you enjoy and they will learn to love the earth from you.

Assemble spiritual resources. Keep George Fox’s quote about an ocean of darkness and an ocean of Light on your desk. Read Pendle Hill pamphlets about earthcare. Don’t judge yourself if you fall asleep reading them.

Listen for the gentle nudges from Spirit and trust that more will come. Notice what you love and let that guide you. Wait peacefully for the doors to open, trusting that they will. Do not judge yourself for not knowing yet, and do not fear. Know that your life will change many times and you can set your intention now to do this work as it arrives.

Talk to activists. Know that it means a lot to be asked about our work.

Hold us in the Light. Those who do the spiritual work are every bit as important as the ones who march.

Thank you so much for coming up to talk to me.

Mary Jo has been a member of Fort Lauderdale Friends Meeting and a representative to QEW from Southeastern Yearly Meeting. She has recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and attends Charlotte Friends Meeting.