Young Friend Asks Quaker School to Take Climate Seriously

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Young Friend Asks Quaker School to Take Climate Seriously

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On February 13 and 14, Friends in many parts of the world participated in Global Divestment Day. Creative actions took place in some 60 countries ranging from concerts, rallies, marches, artistic projects, teach-ins, and more. (For photos and videos, go to

Fossil Free Friends and the Sustainability, Faith and Action Working Group issued a call to Yearly Meetings, Friends educational institutions, and foundations to join the global divestment and reinvestment movement. A copy of the Epistle to Yearly Meetings can be found at

Melissa McLaughlin, a Young Friend studying at Westtown School in Pennsylvania, learned of the Epistle sent to Friends schools and was led to write a heartfelt letter asking her school to take the Epistle seriously. You can read her letter on the QEW website here: Her moving words may inspire you to consider whether you also have a relationship with a Quaker school or college. Fossil Free Friends would be interested in knowing of Friends school alumni interested in supporting their alma mater to consider moving their money to protect the planet. If you are an alum and want to help organize an outreach campaign for your school community, please contact us at