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  • Community Choice Aggregation: Pennsylvania Boroughs are Ready for 100%

    Join a webinar sponsored by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Environmental Justice Collaborative on Community Choice Aggregation on January 18th, 7pm Eastern. Presenters from the CCA for PA team will provide an overview of CCA, introduce participants to local leaders from the five boroughs that have already signed an MOU, and explain…

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  • Attention to True Climate Stewardship: Worship at Vanguard

    by Lina Blount On November 15th, I sat in a wooden folding chair on a grassy corner outside the Pennsylvania headquarters of the investment company Vanguard. I was surrounded by dozens of others, all of us in worshipful, contemplative silence. We had taken Quaker meeting for worship out of our…

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  • To Kneel and Kiss the Ground

    by Keith Runyan, Incoming General Secretary at Quaker Earthcare Witness In the fall of 2019, just after founding my podcast, A Future on Waxen Wings, I was invited to be a keynote panelist for the College Park Quarterly Meeting with Mica Estrada,…

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  • Steering committee members and staff at march to end fossil fuels

    No Faith in Fossil Fuels

    by Miche McCall On the second day of Rosh Hashana, the faith hub at the March to End Fossil Fuels was full of celebrations of Life on Earth. Last September, 75,000 people poured into the streets of New York City to call for our leaders to protect our communities and…

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