Fund Grassroots Earthcare Projects: QEW Mini-Grants

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Quaker Earthcare Witness has distributed dozens of “mini-grants” over many years to Friends meetings, churches, and groups to support creative projects that foster Earthcare, address environmental justice and climate change, and involve young people. Help fund future grassroots projects by making a donation. Our goal is to raise over $8,000 this spring!


Monteverde Friends and Meeting have installed net-metered, large solar arrays on both the school and some of the teacher housing.
Two students in 11th and 12th grades pointing to the new solar inverter. A mini-grant was issued to Monteverde Friends Meeting and School in Costa Rica to replace the solar inverter.
Building with new fence and tractor
Landscaping to Divert Rainwater at Fellbaum Community Health Center, Kaimosi Kenya
Person with yellow hard hat working on landscaping
Landscaping to Divert Rainwater at Fellbaum Community Health Center, Kaimosi Kenya
Green lawn with solar panel array
Friends Theological College through the Grinnell Friends Church in Iowa received a mini grant for their solar panel array.
Centro de promocion y desarrollo de la mujer, acahual
In conjunction with ProNica, Mini-Grants funded reprints of pamphlets on birth control. These were used in a workshop for women. Copies were given to the Population Committee in Quaker Earthcare Witness.
Green pollinator garden
Quaker Earthcare Witness helped the church create a pollinator garden. The children completed very large, colorful models of the stages of butterfly metamorphosis displayed in the fellowship hall wall.  Grandparents, adult children, and grandchildren planted native wildflower seedlings together.

Recent Mini-Grants Recipients:


  • A Cloud Forest Restoration in Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Jogolo Preschool Curriculum: Supporting and curriculum integrating Alternatives to Violence concepts with regenerative care for the Earth and one another in Indonesia.
  • Friends in Action for Loving & Protecting the Earth: A tree nursery and seedling distribution Program in Burundi.
  • Ubugeni Bwomora – Art That Heals: Art projects that connects AIDS survivors to Earthcare in Rwanda.
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Installation at Concord Monthly Meeting, making the Meetinghouse 100% net carbon neutral. 
  • Environmental-STEM for Young Women: Supported two young women in summer internships in E-STEM education with Monteverde Research Institute in Costa Rica
  • Climate Justice Training Events at Guilford College in North Carolina
  • Isaac Atsiaya Pwani Community Tree Nursery: A tree nursery in eastern Kenya hard hit by a multi-year drought related to climate change.


  • Albuquerque Friends Meeting (Fellbaum Health Center Landscaping, Kaimosi, Kenya)Landscaping to divert rainwater at Fellbaum Community Health Center, Kaimosa, Kenya
  • Kwibuka Yearly Meeting (Friends Church of Burundi)Tree Nursery for Reforestation Establish tree nursery to support reforestation efforts
  • Newtown Square Friends Meeting (Pennsylvania): Wildflower Garden
  • Monteverde Friends Meeting and School (Costa Rica)Solar Array Inverter Replacement: Funds to replace failed inverter for solar array for Friends School


  • Project Abundance at Ithaca Monthly Meeting (New York): Building raised beds for community food sharing.
  • State College Monthly Meeting (Pennsylvania): Expanding the Keller St. Community Garden.
  • West Chester Friends School (Pennsylvania): Acquiring the “Exploring Organisms with Literacy” set for 1st graders.
  • New London Friends Meeting (Connecticut): Partially funding Chu Memorial & Meditation Garden using native landscaping.

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Financing QEW’s Mini-Grants Program through crowdfunding is a way to share in the excitement of these small, local, and creative projects. In a time when the realities of climate change are so overwhelming, donating to a concrete effort like this feels especially meaningful. Please consider contributing to this effort.

Highlights from 2022:

In 2022, the Newtown Square Friends Meeting agreed to create a perennial wildflower garden next to the Meeting House in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, for the benefit of Meeting members, attenders and the general public. Meeting members and attenders, together with the caretaker for the Meeting, will dig the garden and plant the wildflowers.

Also this year, we supported Dayton Friends meeting in providing an oasis on their property, full of natural plantings that offer hospitality to all beings and a space for them to flourish. This space expresses our Quaker values, led by our human community to be in touch with our animal friends, restoring our connection to the natural world. We hope to help humans give pause in their busy-ness to notice, reflect and reconcile with our Earth. This is part of the web which, when reestablished, may slow our planet’s warming.

Yarrow Wildflowers