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We did it! Thanks to everyone who gave this April!

We had a goal of raising $4,000 this month to support the creation, printing, and distribution of our newsletter, BeFriending Creation, which reaches thousands of friends and hundreds of meetings each quarter. Help create future issues by making a donation.

BeFriending Creation is more than a newsletter: it’s a collection of Friends’ witness on Earthcare. We’re doing more than sharing news from our organization; we’re sharing stories about Friends taking creative action and sharing insight into new ways to understand our world and this moment in history.

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“Reading BeFriending Creation always leaves me reassured, with its reminder about all the Friends near and far who care so deeply about our Earth and are finding such a diversity of ways to manifest their connection and their love. It’s like a long drink of good water.” – Pamela Haines

“BeFriending Creation has been indispensable to my becoming a better writer and a better friend to Creation and all our relations, human and more-than-human.”  – Tom Small

Befriending Creation is a wonderful earthcare resource that provides up to date news and information on the good work Quakers are doing in the world. It is beautifully designed and I eagerly await each issue.” – Jeff Gabbard

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    Witnessing the Sacred Depth of Nature
    by Mary Conrow Coelho

  • Friends Travel in Faith to #StopLine3
    by Eileen Flanagan

  • Fresh Energy For Our Witness
    by George Lakey

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Financing QEW’s BeFriending Creation newsletter through crowdfunding is a way to share in the excitement of environmental justice and grassroots action in diverse Quaker communities. In a time when the realities of climate change are so overwhelming, donating to a concrete effort like this feels especially meaningful. Please consider contributing to this effort.