Month: May 2016

  • Group of cheering people in suits

    Youth and a Landmark Climate Case in Court

    By Shelley Tanenbaum, QEW General Secretary. How often do you hear people complain (or rant, scream, and shout) that the U.S. government is not doing enough about climate change, but they don’t actually do anything about it? Last year, twenty-one young Americans and their famous scientist partner joined together to…

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  • Calling All Friends!

    Whether you consider yourself a liberal Friend, a conservative Friend, an evangelical Friend, a Buddhist Friend, a non-theist Friend, or another kind of Friend altogether, we invite you to submit a 500-word, personal essay for our upcoming Special Edition of BeFriending Creation, “Friends on Earthcare.” We’d love to hear how…

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  • Tree in Altiplano Bolivia

    Mini-Grants in Bolivia and Nicaragua

    Mini Grants in Bolivia By Mary Gilbert   TREES IN THE ALTIPLANO The city of El Alto in Bolivia sits at an elevation of 13,600 feet. Specific native trees can actually grow at that altitude in Bolivia. Ruben Hilare—inspired by what he learned at a UN meeting in Cancun that…

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  • QEW Mini-Grants and ProNica

    By Brad Stocker In Mary Gilbert’s article in this issue, you learned what QEW Mini-Grants are, but you may be less familiar with ProNica. ProNica is a Quaker-founded NGO that currently works in solidarity with nine Nicaraguan projects. The organization began under the guidance of Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) in…

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  • Book Review: Our Life Is Love

    By Judy Lumb. I have admired and been inspired by the writing of Marcelle Martin in Friends Journal, so I was very happy to learn that her book was released. It is a very effective juxtaposition of vignettes from the lives of early Friends and contemporary Friends. She divides the…

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